Why h5yabeer?


Sometimes (most times?!) all developers need a little bit of help. If you're lucky enough to work with Umbraco then you've got the whole of The Friendly CMS ™ on hand.

We at PAM Internet thought we'd build this little site to enable people to note down those times when someone has really helped you, and you do really want to say a proper thank you when your paths next cross.

Ok and truth be told...

We needed to build a sample MVC site for a 24 days in Umbraco article showing how to plug Umbraco into an existing MVC site.

'High five you a beer' seemed a bit more fun to build than yet another To Do application and, once built, we figured we might as well put it online. And please forgive us, you may notice we didn't spend very long on the design of the site ;-)